Dave has built a number of Estate Style Homes for the discriminating Client. These homes were maticleious designed from the exterior components used to each and every trim detail in the home prior to the home even being built. Dave’s style of building these homes is not only having the client involved in every decision prior to the home being built and right on through the building process but also sitting down with the local building department and making sure every step is properly taken to meet the requirements of local authorities. Building an Estate Style Home is a labor of love and takes a commitment of time, energy, and resources from both Dave and the Client. The complicities of scheduling all inspections, sub-trades, and deliveries of suppliers, are handled directly by Dave.

Due to the complexity of these style homes, they are built on a cost plus basis. The Client is privy to all the permits, sub-trades, and suppliers. As the process of building is in motion, each and every invoice is approved by Dave and submitted to the Client on a weekly basis. Each Invoice is then paid directly from the Client to the Sub-trade or Supplier within a 24 hour period. All warrenties for products used are directly with the Client and the Manufacture.