A fireplace is the main focal point of a room. Its design is critical to the life style you want to portray to your friends and family in your home. Dave's detailed fireplace designs can be seen from the formal inlayed oak faces to rustic stone and log elements. No matter what your taste is, formal or casual Dave can design a fireplace face, wall or mantel to offset any room and give it the style you like.


Fireplace faces and walls can be built on site or off site. Different design sketches can be done to meet your needs and desired taste. If you prefer he can come, bring his tool trailer set up shop right in your garage and build the desired face right on site to your liking.


Depending on your taste different wood species such as pine, maple, popular, cherry, black walnut, or birch can be used to build your face to achieve the desired look. The face can also be built to match wood work that is existing in the home, or to match cabinetry. Additional cabinetry can also be built to enhance the face if you so choose.


If your fireplace is old and drab and out of style a new face can be built and retro fit to the existing mortar or zero clearance firebox. The new face can be built to include a flat screen TV or entertainment center the choices are open to your taste and budget.


Pricing for design services, faces, and finishes depend on the size of fireplace, the species of wood chosen to use, and the type of finish you desire to have.

Fireplace Walls Custom Built On Site