Below is a photo album of Custom Built Log and Timber Homes built and designed by Dave. All these Log Homes and Timber Homes were custom built and constructed on site. Some were built from the actual trees taken from the property. These trees were harvested, cut into cants, kiln dryed milled with different profiles and constructed into homes.

Corners on a log home can be done in various fashions. The home built with saddle notch corners were built from kits. The homes with the dove tail corners were all cut on site with a hand jig and constructed by hand. Each corner was crafted to fit the adjoining log or timber. Each home is unique in its own way. Building a Log or Timber Frame Home can be a long process. Dave not only built the structures but also hand crafted a lot of the cabinetry that was required for the homes along with the staircases, custom trim and doors. 


Be sure to view the tab for Timber Accents to see all the details that were custom built and went into these homes.