This one-of-a-kind structure was designed by Dave and created from using the dead standing pine timbers on the Clients property. Dave brought in a portable saw mill from a local woodsman who took the trees down per the specification he and Dave had discussed for the best yield of lumber. After the timber and lumber were milled each piece was carefully stacked, and made ready for the structure.


The deck was built first using treated lumber purchased from the local lumber yard. Once the deck was put in place then the building of the timber structure began. Each piece and part was hand selected, cut, marked and made ready for assembly. Each truss member was carefully selected for the structural integrity of the piece.

The trusses were built and assembled first then stacked and readied for the roof assembly. Corner posts were installed leveled and brace, support post followed. The gable truss was set then each of the following trusses. Fascia was selected from the boards sawn from the mill with the bark still on and hand crafted to fit into place. All corner corbels were installed then random size roof timber were set in on the trusses to create the look of an old roof that had long been standing and weathered.

Once the roof sheeting was completed set then the roof opening for the sky-lights were curbed and the roof membrane was set in place for a tight water proof roof.

All the timber details, the wet bar, and the hand crafted bench was taken from the tree cut long ways. Each of those components was hand pealed and crafted then set in place. Last but not least the cast iron rails and plates were put in place.


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